In 1875 with the help of Second Reformed Church (now Central Reformed Church) and Rev. A.C. Van Raalte of Holland, Mich., the Holland Brickyard Church was formed. Later the church would be renamed Third Reformed Church. The Church was called the “brickyard” because the “far east” side of town was known for the great number of brick factories located nearby. Third Reformed Church’s first elder, Martin Klaassen, was the owner of one of these factories.

In the early years of the church’s ministry, particularly up to 1900, the church’s main ministry was welcoming and assimilating Dutch immigrants into the congregation, as well as helping the immigrants with life in America.

After 136 years of existence, God’s Spirit lives on at Third Reformed Church. The congregation has touched three different centuries, and we pray God may continue to use this church for the building up of His kingdom.