4:30 pm  Vespers Worship – Stories of God’s Gift

11:00 pm  Candlelight Communion with Choirs

Congregational Character:  The new logo of Third Reformed Church encourages us beyond a focus on the buildings which identify us.  It instead reminds us of our vision to be “a community of Christ’s disciples, and the presence of Christ to our neighbors.”  We are a congregation with a history of almost 150 years, known for our faith relationships, for our ministries with children, and for a worship that speaks out of Reformed faith through a blended style.  We seek to carry out our mission with these distinct shared values:  We will worship and pray, teach God’s Word and learn to live faithfully, build each other up, encourage stewardship and generosity, invite people into relationship with Christ, celebrate our multi-generational congregation, raise children in the faith, find unity in diversity, reach out in local and global mission, and open our hearts to the Spirit . . .  gratefully and genuinely.

Primary Logo